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ONE Media, LLC to Design "Next Generation Broadcast Platform"

Broadcast and Industry Participation Embraced

May 06, 2014 --

HUNT VALLEY, Md., May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Tommy Eng, President of ONE Media, LLC ("ONE Media") announced today the following.

ONE Media, led by Mr. Tommy Eng with the support of broadcasters, has been launched to create a Next Generation Broadcast Platform (NGBP) to deliver the ultimate user experience of wireless access to premium video content anytime, anywhere without a data cap.

Due to the shift of video viewing habits from traditional TV to mobile devices, a new broadcast platform is needed to provide for the convergence of broadcasting with wireless broadband services. Harmonizing television broadcasting with LTE-based mobile infrastructure and user devices will enable new business models for the broadcast industry to realize the full potential of broadcast spectrum, which has long been hamstrung by inadequate technical standards and antiquated business models.

ONE Media will create an Open Network Enabled broadcast/broadband converged Media platform which extends 3GPP LTE standards to accommodate existing high power/tall tower broadcast infrastructure and business models, and eliminate the technical limitations of a conventional mobile TV standard to penetrate mobile devices. Recognizing the myriad of broadcasting needs across diverse broadcast markets, the NGBP is designed to support a full range of services; from existing standalone "traditional broadcast" business models - to "interconnected cooperation" business models among/across multiple broadcasters - to the eventual cooperation between broadcasters and wireless operators.

"There has been considerable time and effort spent on defining what the current and future anticipated needs of the industry are, and we are confident that an enabling platform can be built and demonstrated within 12 months," stated Mr.Eng. "My unique backgrounds in silicon chip manufacturing, digital signal processing and the wireless carrier industry align with the requirements of the next generation television broadcasting. This opportunity allows us to bring the same Software Defined Radio (SDR) capabilities together and build products that have made other wireless industries a success."

A fully flexible platform will allow a gradual transition of services as determined by broadcasters on a market-by-market basis, dictated by business and economics, resulting in minimal transition costs and consumer disruption. By leveraging wireless technology and network concepts proven outside of the traditional broadcast industry, it is possible to build a Next Generation Broadcast Platform capable of delivering unprecedented amounts of data, and drive low cost, low power consumption devices with robustness into the mobile environment. Preserving the flexibility to evolve and adapt to new business models and future technological advancement in wireless techniques, codecs, and cloud computing is essential.

TV standard transitions have historically been a lengthy process. This is not compatible with the internet age. The challenge of meeting broadcaster needs through the current "Next Generation" (ATSC 3.0) activity within the ATSC organization is difficult due to there being little business alignment between broadcast, consumer electronics (CE), and other wireless industries. A standards development organization is not a suitable forum in which to align business interests.

Aligning Business and Public Interest
ONE Media can bridge many of the "gaps" that exist in our nation's telecommunications infrastructure. For consumers this will usher in a future that is not constrained by costs associated with expensive data-capped plans or surcharges for preferred content providers. If one looks at the cost associated with simply one hour of high-quality video billed to the 300+ million mobile device subscribers inside of a typical "billed by the GB" plan, a savings of nearly $5 billion exists! For many consumers outside of the reach of traditional wired broadband infrastructure (whether that be due to cost or physical access), new opportunities exist to offer portable and mobile services that provide education, news and information. Broadcast television has always been the safety net that provides critical news, emergency and disaster information and the addition of a robust portable and mobile capability simply brings that closer to the public. When one looks at the impact of these capabilities on the revenues that can be generated, both from the tax and supplemental services fees, a NGBP can drive tens of billions of dollars into the federal treasury.

The top business priority of ONE Media is to align the business interests of various parties to facilitate the standardization process. The first technical goal is to create a working reference platform to support all business models anticipated by the broadcast industry now and into the future. This platform, initially based on the Coherent Logix / Sinclair Broadcast Group ATSC 3.0 proposal, will be open to all participants in the ATSC standardization process and will obtain continuous input from leaders in the wireless, broadcast, CE industries, as well as spectrum and content owners, through the establishment of a Global Technical Advisory Committee (GTAC). The GTAC will provide both input and feedback to development work activities underway to serve the common need of delivering "bits" to all devices anytime, anyplace, 24 hours a day.

Broadcasters will be recognized as "broadband broadcasters," a central component of the nation's infrastructure delivering critical information and content under circumstances that traditional delivery platforms cannot. Evidence the historic failure of the wireless carrier infrastructure in communities where catastrophic events have occurred, yet the one-to-many delivery technique of broadcasting survives. Provisions within the work defined include the ability of this NGBP to provide a secure entry-point for services supporting "First Responder" needs. Broadcasters will continue to share the public interest in the way it historically has, but will soon be able to provide services heretofore never contemplated.

About ONE Media, LLC
ONE Media was established as a joint investment between Coherent Logix and Sinclair Broadcast Group with a vision to build the "Next Generation Broadcast Platform," enabling broadcasting to be competitive across all platforms. Solving the associated business, technical, and political challenges while supporting mobile video broadband services (wired & wireless) provides for the greatest business opportunity in the broadcast / communication / media industry today -- providing premium video anytime, anywhere without a data cap.

To be competitive, this broadcast platform will support all business models, whether fixed services (i.e. Ultra High Definition) to the home, portable services within the home (i.e. laptops, tablets and other media enabled devices), or nomadic services outside of the home (i.e. tablets, cellphones, etc.). This solution envisions and supports tomorrow's converged environment consumers expect.

Tommy Eng, President
Mr. Eng is a founding partner of EXA Ventures, a venture capital investment firm specializing in IT, semiconductor, communication, multimedia technology/services/content, software, and the incubation of early stage technology companies. Mr. Eng has been an active investor holding officer and director positions with various private and public companies.

Mr. Eng began his career at ATT Bell Labs building the processor and chip design technology to power large scale high reliability telecom network. Mr. Eng has held various executive and engineering positions and roles in the semiconductor, software and communication industries. As an entrepreneur and a pioneer in chip design technology, low power computing, and communication, Mr. Eng has been directly involved in the design and development of a plethora of microprocessor platforms, digital signal processors, wireless systems, and software products for consumer, industrial, and military markets. Mr. Eng holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Polytechnic University in New York and an M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.


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