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Pluto.TV Supports The Intergalactic Astronomical Association's Efforts To Reclassify Pluto As The 9th Planet In Our Solar System

Pluto.TV and The Intergalactic Astronomical Association Embark on Campaign so that Pluto Can Shed its "Dwarf-Sized" Categorization Once and for AllLive Press Conference Currently Underway at...

April 01, 2014 --

HOUSTON, April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of announcing their launch Pluto.TV is stepping forward in their bold support of a campaign suggesting that Pluto, is not a dwarf planet. Since the controversial demotion of what was once considered the ninth planet to revolve around the sun, the Intergalactic Astronomical Association (I.A.A.) has been researching to overturn the ruling. The I.A.A. has found substantial evidence prompting the monumental efforts to re-classify Pluto as a planet once again. Given their name, Pluto.TV, a free entertainment platform featuring the best online content with hand curated shows on channels tailored to specific interests, has been very interested in seeing that Pluto is given the planetary status it deserves.

With scientists voting that Pluto was no longer deemed a true planet according to a new definition which was proposed in 2006the researchers who voted will be called again to reclassify the celestial body. This esteemed group decided Pluto was not a planet because of its size and position in space. Pluto.TV is not standing for it and has been working with the I.A.A. to bring new information to light. They've enlisted planetary scientists to support their campaign.

"We have evidence to prove that the planet, Pluto, does dominate its location in space and can in fact clear other objects out of its path," said Dr. Robert Nowiki, a planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Astronomy (M.I.A.). "Their previous erroneous findings must be brought to the forefront so that Pluto can be reinstated as a planet. We are calling a meeting of the officials to gather once more in Prague, in the Czech Republic to right this wrong."

The order of the solar system includes the inner Terrestrial planets such as Earth, alongside the more gaseous Jovian planets, which consist of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The most distant planet from the sun, covered in icePluto is in a region called the Kuiper Belt, which is adjacent to the Jovian planets.

The IAA has found that Pluto, also referred to as a plutoida dwarf planet farther out in space than the planet, Neptunehas also lead to classification of the other plutoids, Eris and Makemake. With today's news it seems the recent discovery of the object 2012 VP113 beyond the Kuiper belt may have some competition in being classified as a planet.

A live press conference is currently being held by the IAA and can be viewed online at!&channel=BreakingNews.

Pluto.TV is working so that conversations are being had by scientists and voters to regroup and review the findings by the Intergalactic Astronomical Association.

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*Disclaimer: This is an April Fool's campaign, and unfortunately, the Intergalactic Astronomical Association does not actually exist.

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