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New Research Brings the Cosmic Stars Much Closer to Earth

New research in the flow nature of gravity shows that the closest cosmic stars are much closer - 700-800 billion miles.

March 15, 2014 --
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Bayramov?s research shows that propagating star-light is substantially deflected by the gravitational-flow. The substantial star-light deflection causes very small visible stellar parallax (visible star position deflection as Earth orbits the Sun). When not accounting for the substantial star-light curvature, using straight-line parallax calculation, main-stream science projects the closest stars to be many light years away, e.g. the closest known star - Proxima Centauri is projected to be 4.2 light years away.

By accounting for the substantial star-light deflection in the gravitational-flow, Bayramov introduces a new calculation parameter ? the ?Gravitational Deflection Parallax ? [and calculates the] distance to Proxima Centauri, [?to be] 52 times closer [at] 785 billion km., than the current consensus estimate, using straight lines parallax calculation.?

An overview paper of this research can be downloaded at:

The new research focuses on the development of gravitational-flow simulation software - Light Bender 2D. The software simulates and studies the propagation and curvature of sun-light and star-light in the gravitational-flows of the Sun and Earth.
An educational version of the gravitational-flow simulation software demonstrates the manner in which light is curved by the gravitational-flows and is accessible at:
A Light Bender 2D User Guide is accessible at:

The Light Bender 2D gravitational-flow simulation software is based on the gravitational-flow vector engine developed in Bayramov?s recently published book - Mechanics of Natural Force - Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity.
Interested readers can find the book ? ?Mechanics of Natural Force? at the book web site - and on Amazon.

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