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Leading Industry Manufacturers and Retailers Select DesignCon 2018 to Debut New Products

January 23, 2018 --

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DesignCon, the nation's premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers, today announced it will host more that 50 exhibitors debuting new products at this year’s event, which takes place January 30 – February 1 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The wide variety of brands and services featured at the show this year will allow industry attendees to experience the leading brands, manufacturers and experts under one roof in a user-friendly fashion. For additional information and to register for a media pass, please visit:

“The chip, board and systems design engineering space is rapidly evolving, and we think it’s a great testament to the caliber of our show that exhibitors pick DesignCon as the platform to debut their latest products,” said Nina Brown, vice president of events, UBM. “We carefully gather the most cutting-edge, compelling companies at our event, which allows us to create the ideal opportunity for brands to connect directly with their end users while also giving them an opportunity to explore new and previously unheard-of brands and technologies that are up-and-coming in the space.” 

Below is a preview of announcements exhibitors will showcase at DesignCon 2018: 

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) (booth 400) will display products available for rent at DesignCon 2018, including the Rohde & Schwarz ESW44 EMI Test Receiver. The ESW44 EMI is equipped with outstanding RF capabilities include high dynamic range and measurement accuracy.

AnaGlobe (booth 317) will demonstrate the layout tools for analog circuits, test structures, flat panel display and packaging; and the unified wafer-level chip-scale application framework that handles very large size of IC, SOC, SIP, 2.5D and 3D-IC with smallest DB at any technology nodes in the least amount of time.

Anritsu (booth 741) will demonstrate signal integrity solutions featuring its Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1900A BERT, and VectorStar® and ShockLine™ VNAs. On Wednesday, January 31st, Anritsu’s Dr. Jon Martens will lead a technical discussion entitled Fixture De-embedding in Higher Crosstalk Situations. Anritsu will also host technical sessions conducted February 1st.

Ardent Concepts, Inc. (booth 420) will showcase a new design of its 20, 40, and 70 GHz Straight Mount TR Multicoax series connector. This new design includes the added convenience of thumb screws for quicker installation and removal of the connector. The new configuration will also drastically reduce test time and eliminate the need for any tools.

Artek, Inc. (booth 419) will introduce a new version of its Variable ISI Channel, CLE1200 series, the very first major release of new version since 2014. Various improvements include a wider insertion loss range, lower minimum insertion loss, less return loss and Ethernet control.

AtaiTec Corporation (booth 600) will demonstrate In-Situ De-embedding (ISD) at DesignCon 2018. This demo shows how to do causal and skew less de-embedding to improve the extraction accuracy of device under test (DUT), ranging from connector, cable, package and PCB traces to any electrical component.

Autodesk (booth 300) is excited to reveal, for the first time the next version of EAGLE. Join us for a walk through all the advanced routing, library, hierarchy and machine learning design in Autodesk EAGLE version 9.

Belden (booth 307) will showcase its LightSkew Series of 28G and 56G NRZ high speed raw cable to support 100, 200 and 400G internal and external applications.

Bellwether (booth 855) will showcase its high speed and high-power connectors and cables, including the SlimChroma™ cable and CrystalBand™ and Power Edge Card connectors. The SlimChroma™ cable can be used to meet USB 3.0 and 3.1 signal integrity requirements, while the CrystalBand™ and Power Edge Card connectors is capable of handling high electrical current in a small space with a comfortable insertion force.

BitifEye (booth 215) will showcase its PCIe Gen4 Transmitter Tests: Automated sequential multi-lane test station for Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscopes at DesignCon 2018. The BIT-2100 high speed switching systems are fully integrated in N5393F validation software. It allows quick multi-lane testing of your DUT with ultimate data quality and reduces wear for instrument and cable connectors.

CadEnhance (booth 102) will demonstrate its microsemi FPGA support in PartBuilder. PartBuilder is the industry's most accurate and efficient schematic symbol generator for electronic components. PartBuilder's SMART-FRAC feature and the symbol description language radically improve the flow for Altium, Cadence and Mentor designers, while microsemi support complements the extensive support provided for Altera, Lattice and Xilinx programmable logic devices.

CarlisleIT (booth 648) is introducing an updated CoreHC Interconnect Solution and brand-new card edge connector contact system as part of its integrated line of high-performance microwave cables, precision RF and high-speed digital connectors for test and measurement applications.

EDADOC USA (booth 518) will showcase its turnkey solutions in addition to its high-speed PCB design capabilities.

Electro Rent (booth 508) will showcase the latest test solutions from leading manufacturers including Rohde & Schwarz and Tektronix with applications for aerospace and defense, telecommunications and other emerging markets. Visit Electro Rent to learn more about our solutions and services.

EMSCAN (booth 211) will launch its new EMxpert ERX. The world’s fastest high-resolution EMC/EMI scanner has been redesigned to operate with a high-performance external spectrum analyzer. EMSCAN’s EMxpert ERX provides eight levels of resolution (60 microns to 7.5 mm) and enables the PCB and design engineers to diagnose EMC and EMI problems between 150 kHz-8 GHz.

evissaP, Inc. (booth 1335) will demonstrate and provide samples of their new, ultra-bendable MAX Bend Cable Assemblies that operate to 26.5 GHz. Since 2003, evissaP has provided the RF industry with over 32 million products such as high-quality cables assemblies, RF adapters and precision connectors.

Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) (booth 1224) announces its new high temperature lamination capabilities, which meet growing needs for high temperature and high-speed requirements for flexible heaters, flexible circuits, and rigid flex.

Frontline-PCB Solutions (booth T0) will showcase its InStack® Viewer, which allows PCB and FPC designers easy access to fabricator’s electronic stackups. Additionally, Frontline-PCB Solutions will demonstrate its InStack® design software providing designers with an easy to use, fabrication rules based, stackup designer. InStack Design can produce manufacturable stackups in minutes while maintaining all mechanical and signal integrity constraints.

Gold Technologies, Inc. (booth 1336) will showcase its economically priced burn-in sockets, in quantities from 25 to 10,000 pieces.

Granite River Labs (GRL, booth 1154) will demonstrate its solutions for 56G PAM4 optical stressed eye generation and PAM4 RX electrical test automation in partnership with Tektronix and Anritsu. GRL will also showcase test solutions for USB Power Delivery 3.0, USB Type-CTM (GRL-USB-PD-C2) and PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 transmitter compliance (GRL-PCIE34-TXP1).

Hirose Electric U.S.A. (booth 647) will showcase its upcoming 112Gbps technology in addition to its 56Gbps PAM4 mezzanine solutions. Hirose Electric will also feature signal integrity demonstrations for connectors and PCB design.

I-Connect007 (booth 1255) is expanding its micro eBook design series at DesignCon 2018 with the launch of The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Fundamentals of RF/Microwave PCBs by American Standard Circuits. This series is dedicated to educating PCB designers, and serves as a valuable resource for the most relevant design information available.

Introspect Technology (booth 323) will launch the all-new SV5C, the most powerful version to date of the ultra-compact SVxC line of SerDes instruments. The SV5C demonstrates the latest in camera and sensor performance testing.

IWI Associates (booth 1336) will display connectors, magnetic components, bulk cable, complex harnesses and over molded cable assemblies at DesignCon 2018. IWI Associates is a manufacturer’s representative located in Silicon Valley that works with the engineering community to propose the best solution for new designs.

Kandou Bus (booth 314), together with Keysight, will demonstrate the Glasswing™ Ultra-Short-Reach PHY using Kandou's 5b6w CNRZ-5 Chord™ signaling. The PHY is optimized for die-to-die interconnect inside a shared MCM package, does not require an interposer and delivers 500 Gb/s of bandwidth at just 0.8pJ/bit.

Keysight Technologies (booth 725) will showcase eight hands-on demonstrations and offer complimentary workshop sessions led by industry experts at Keysight Education Forum. Other activities include 15-minute flash seminars at its booth on topics such as data center dynamics, Ethernet testing, and automotive IoT, as well as 10 technical sessions on additional topics.

Kyocera (booth 602) will showcase high-speed and high-density PCBs, MLCC space transformers, FC-CSP packages, FC-BGA packages, SHDBU packages, and complex HITCE ceramic modules. These products are designed for wide-ranging applications including ATE, RF/MW, ASICs, MPUs, GPUs, data centers and HSD. Assembly for these products is available in our San Diego facility.

LEONI (booth 950) will announce its 400 G copper solutions for the two latest standards for broadband data transmission in computer centers. QSFP-DD and OSFP cable systems make inter-rack connections with 400 G and more possible.

MERITEC & JOY Signal Technology (booth 520) will showcase Meritec's new VPX Plus D™, Deployable Backplane I/O cabled solution for 25 Gb/s board-to-board and board-to-panel signal routing outside and over the backplane. Additionally, JOY will showcase its ZIF test connector with manual or automated actuation in bench test or interface arrays.

Molex (booth 633) will showcase versatile, high-density, space-saving connectivity solutions that are rapidly increasing network bandwidth in the next generation of system architectures. Advancements in Molex technologies provide clear paths to the adoption of higher data transmission rates that are in demand by manufacturers today.

MultiLane (booth 701) will introduce the ML4025-TDR a state of the art DSO with CDR, TDR, and TDT. It performs accurate eye diagram analysis at 35GHz, backplane and DACs testing with its ability to measure return loss, insertion loss, near end crosstalk, far end crosstalk and integrated crosstalk noise.

Neoconix (booth 320) announces the introduction of its new Y-Beam™ technology, an extension of PCBeam™ technology that was specifically developed for ultra-high speed (28-56Gbps+) and ultra-low profile (0.20mm – 0.45mm) applications. Leveraging nearly all the same customization options as PCBeam™ technology, the Y-Beam™ offers both extensive customizability and low NRE.

Noda Techno (booth 315) announces its 5um Super Thin Film Capacitor (TFC), which is made by paraelectric SrTiO3. The TFC provides excellent power integrity to CPU and graphic engines, while the SrTiO3 capacitor provides a custom RF design platform.

Oak-Mitsui Technologies (booth 505) will present a combined embedded capacitance and resistor product, perfect for high density designs. Oak-Mitsui Technologies will also introduce its new generation of ultra-thin dielectric materials offering capacitance up to 50 nf/in2, as well as low Df (0.0017 @ 1 MHz) material with high Dk.

Open-Silicon (booth 1238) will demonstrate its silicon-proven high-bandwidth memory (HBM2) IP subsystem solution for ASICs in FinFET technologies and 2.5D system-in-package (SiP) capability. The company will also showcase its comprehensive IP subsystem solution, including high-speed chip-to-chip interface Interlaken IP, Ethernet PCS IP, FlexE IP and Forward Error Correction IP, for high-end networking applications.

Plastronics (booth 655) will introduce the new T033 H-Pin at DesignCon. At a compressed height of 1mm the T033 H-Pin is hard to see, but it is virtually invisible electrically at 40+GHz (-1dB) with matched impedance. The T033 H-Pin offers elastomer performance with all the mechanical benefits of a spring probe.

Polliwog Corporation (booth 223) will announce a new platform, UDE (Unified Design Environment), at DesignCon 2018. Its features allow users to reduce expense and loss of time occurring in a mass production cycle. Numerous manufacturing defect items are checked against PCB design data, and any design errors will be reported, so that they will be easily identified and corrected. Consequently, employing PollEx DFM results in significant reduction of manufacturing defects.

Radiall (booth 105) will showcase interconnect solutions designed for reliability and exceptional performance in harsh environments. Featured products include: NEX10™, an innovative RF coaxial connector, OCTIS™, a multi-universal outdoor connector system, microwave switches and cables for test and measurement applications, and Active Optics by D-Lightsys®, robust optical transceiver components.

Rambus Inc. (booth 627) will announce its GDDR6 (Graphics Double Data Rate) Memory PHY IP Core designed for high-performance applications including artificial intelligence (AI), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and networking. At DesignCon, Rambus will also demonstrate a memory channel signaling at GDDR6 speeds.

RIGOL Technologies (booth 1135) will display its new RSA5000 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer. Available in 3.2GHz and 6.5GHz models with up to 40MHz of real-time bandwidth, a minimum probability of intercept (POI) of 7.45 µs, seven rich visualization modes and powerful triggering capability. This is a powerful solution for RF spectrum monitoring, RF characterization, and EMI.

Samtec (booth 841) will present NovaRay™, a differential pair interconnect system that enables very low crosstalk to 40 GHz+, tight impedance control, and minimal variance in data rate as stack heights increase. It is 112 PAM4 capable and rated 56 Gbps NRZ/channel, with aggregate average data rate of 1.33 Tbps/sq. in.

Signal Integrity Journal (booth T1) will debut its first print edition at DesignCon. Also available online as an eBook, the January 2018 print edition of the Signal Integrity Journal includes technical features on signal integrity, power integrity and EMI/EMC selected by the SIJ's editor, Eric Bogatin.

SL Power Electronics (booth 636) will launch its TF Platform, comprised of high power product families with 800, 1500 and 3000 watt variations. The TF Platform caters to a wide range of applications that require flexible, compact, and reliable power supplies. Notable features include programmable output voltage, scalability, digital communication and EMI/EMC superiority.

Socionext (booth 1239) will showcase its ultra-energy-efficient 56Gb/s PAM4 SR to LR CMOS transceivers and demonstrate solutions that are optimized to help companies cost-effectively meet today’s performance, functionality and time-to-market package design requirements. Additional highlights include high performance SoC, ultra-high-speed CMOS transceivers with 112G+ SerDes, multi-die packaging, and extended HBM+.

Southwest Microwave (booth 411) introduces a new 1.85 mm (V) jack (female) two-hole threaded flange PCB compression-mounted connector for microwave and high-speed digital applications to 67 GHz. Built to rigorous quality and performance standards and delivering outstanding electrical performance, these advanced connectors may be used with micro strip and coplanar board designs. HFSS models are available.

Spectra7 Microsystems (booth 851) is showcasing its GaugeChanger GC2502 chip to enhance signal integrity on thin copper cables. The GC2502 enables active cables two-to-three times as long as passive copper cables at up to 80 percent less power than optics. Spectra7 is demonstrating GageChanger in several new data center MSA form factors.

Technica USA and Elite Material Co. (EMC) Ltd. (booth 202) announce the release of its new ultra-high-speed materials at DesignCon 2018. EMC, an industry leader in halogen-free PCB materials has officially released its EM-528, EM-528K, EM-890 and EM-890K halogen-free ultra-high-speed materials. These materials enable high speed signals to be transmitted at 25 to 64Gbps with consistent reliability and performance.

TE Connectivity (booth 817) will demonstrate a variety of new products at DesignCon. A full range of OSFP, QSFP-DD, COBO, and microQSFP high-speed I/O solutions, the new sliver interconnects which enable extended reach at 56Gbps PAM 4 and PCIe Gen 5, and STRADA Whisper high speed backplane connectors.

Tektronix (booth 1043) test and measurement solutions power the world of connected intelligence, from optical networking to the internet of things (IoT). See innovations like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the highly acclaimed 5 Series MSO oscilloscope, and an exciting new solution that will help you bring new products to market in less time.

Teledyne LeCroy (booth 515) will demonstrate automated test solutions for high speed digital design and signal integrity, as well as power integrity measurement solutions. Demos include PCI Express 4.0 protocol and electrical testing, power integrity measurements using 12-bit high definition oscilloscopes, PAM4 signal analysis, USB 3.1 and power delivery compliance, and DDR memory test.

TestEquity (booth 1139) is proud to introduce its new Compact Temperature/Humidity Chamber. The 101H has been added to the growing line of environmental test chambers designed and manufactured by TestEquity. The 101H Chamber is completely self-contained and allows engineers to perform humidity tests right at their bench.

Top Dog Test (booth 1240) will announce the new test equipment line from Ceyear, which includes network analyzers, spectrum signal analyzers, signal generators and much more reaching frequencies as high as 500 Ghz at a reasonable price point.

Ventec (booth 118) will showcase its extensive range of tec-speed© materials for high-speed low-loss applications including the latest tec-speed© 10 ultra-low Dk material. A further highlight will be a next generation best-in-class, thermally conductive (8 X FR4) high Tg thin-core and prepreg material (VT-5A2) ideal for hybrid multilayer low-loss constructions.

Wave-2-Wave (booth 416) will demonstrate layer 0 automation with reliability, security and future-proofing with ROME a robotic optical management engine. Wave-2-wave will also demonstrate PRIZM LightTurn® on-board optical interconnects, which offer high speed and low latency in a small footprint.

Yamaichi Electronics (booth 1049) will introduce its QSFP-DD (double density) high speed connector series for datacom servers. It supports 50Gbps x 8 channels for the latest 400 GbE technology. It is also available in various port designs and customized heatsinks. Yamaichi QSFP-DD is MSA design compliant.

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