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Delaware Attorney Brian Zulberti, Esq. Makes Final Preparations For June 2 Supreme Court Hunger Strike In Protest Of Social Media Firings


May 27, 2014 --
Delaware Attorney Brian Zulberti, Esq. Makes Final Preparations For June 2 Supreme Court Hunger Strike In Protest Of Social Media Firings

Atlantic City, NJ (PRWEB) May 27, 2014

Delaware Attorney Brian Zulberti, Esq. is making the final preparations for his June 2 Hunger Strike outside the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Zulberti has announced on his personal website that his hunger strike will continue until either (a) a major American television network features him for 90 seconds during prime time on a week night or (b) he requires hospitalization for starvation or malnutrition.

Zulberti has spent the past year warning Americans via his website and across the nation on his self-dubbed social media campaign, about the dangers of allowing employers to stalk the social media accounts of employees or potential employees and make employment decisions based on what they see. Zulberti believes that if America doesnt adapt the law to the future, our nation will soon enter a real life, self-imposed version of George Orwells novel 1984.

Laura Holden, Zulbertis chief executive assistant and the logistical coordinator of his Hunger Strike has indicated that she has been in continuous contact with Krista Giaccio of the Supreme Court and a chapter president of The Association Of Threat Assessment Professionals to ensure that Zulberti remains in strict compliance with all applicable regulations and laws. My job is to make sure that things run smoothly from 6:00 A.M. on Monday, June 2 through the end of his Hunger Strike.

Prerit Mogre, head of Zulbertis Information and Technology team, has been hard at work ensuring that Zulbertis live feed, broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through his website, has 0% chance of encountering technical difficulties. Mogre added that, Zulberti feels very strongly that he needs around the clock documentation that he is, in fact, abstaining from all food until he secures the requested media coverage.

On local radio, Zulberti indicated that he believes most people would be surprised by the hundreds of hours of preparation that go into an endeavor such as this one. When asked for elaboration, Zulberti said, I am willingly submitting myself to self-imposed torture in precisely the same manner as former inmates at Guantanamo, Gandhi, and all of the other civil rights advocates through history who have put a cause, and the future of a nation, before their own life or well-being.

My staff and I have been doing all kinds of preparation. Most importantly, there was medical research that needed to be done before beginning this endeavor. Weve been in touch with medical professionals to learn which pre-Strike exercises and diet plan will allow my body to last as long as possible before possible hospitalization.

We have to make sure were aware of all laws and regulations that could have any relation to any events that could even potentially transpire down at the Hunger Strike. Zulberti also quipped that, After all, I am an attorney. It wouldnt do for me to show up with a sign that is a half centimeter too long.

After that, there are technological concerns, the preparation of literature and handouts that I can give any interested passers-by, medical preparations, organization and assignment of the staff that will be on site during the Strike to assist me with miscellaneous tasks, prepare and release daily press statements, and help promote the Strike.

Zulberti is no stranger to media coverage. And even he doesnt deny that the majority of that coverage has been negative. Some of Zulbertis previous media stunts include a widely distributed sleeveless photograph attached to his employment resume, posing on his website with complete, full-frontal nudity, and with inflammatory captions. Zulbertis critics have always questioned whether his behavior, which has been described in words from genius and progressive to embarrassing and obscene, detract from his message.

Robert Petree, a volunteer for Zulberti who also happens to be his boyfriend, added that, Brian isnt a stupid man. He knows exactly how he portrays himself in the media and hes even run a lot of his statements through complicated approval algorithms. But hes doing that purely as an academic exercise. Brian has strong opinions about employers, social media, and the future. But even stronger than that is his belief in being authentic and true to himself. With Brian, what you see is what you get. When he gets a goal, he achieves it or he will literally die trying. Thats why I admire him more than Ive admired anyone else in my life, thats why I love him, and thats why Im happy to be his boyfriend.

Zulbertis website includes the detailed philosophy behind his message and his social media campaign. When asked whether he has any official backing from the Delaware Bar Association or any other reputable organization, Zulberti answered in the negative.

Every day I hear from fans across the nation and the world. But nobody has given me any official backing. But its only a matter of time. This is the most important social issue of any of our lives, and I am the only one I see dedicating his life to promoting that message. I guarantee that Ill be successful with 100% certainty. Not because Im some sort of genius, not because Im special, not because theres likely to be a national outpouring of love or admiration for me, but because Im right. And if my message fails, the consequences should terrify us all. I dont think anyone with an open mind wants to subject their children to that future.

Holden, Zulbertis chief executive assistant, has repeatedly said that Zulberti is open and willing to speak to, time permitting, absolutely any media sources about his message, his social media campaign, or the Hunger Strike. Brian cares deeply about this issue and this cause. He bends over backwards to make time for anyone interested in an honest intellectual discussion.

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