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La La La Human Steps and Kaydara Virtualize Amelia Internationally-acclaimed Ballet Troupe

MONTRÉAL, Mar. 31, 2003 -- Kaydara Inc. announced that internationally acclaimed Montréal-based ballet troupe La La La Human Steps used Kaydara ONLINE, a real-time 3D production system, to animate 3D dancers in Amelia, its latest contemporary ballet production. Kaydara worked in collaboration with La La La Human Steps artistic director and choreographer Édouard Lock to integrate 3D ballet dancers, movement, music, lighting and graphics into an innovative visual backdrop that is used throughout "Amelia."

La La La Human Steps is recognized worldwide for pushing the boundaries of dance, and reflecting modern times with great sensibility. The Montreal company wishes to integrate the latest technologies in its new creations. Édouard Lock chose Kaydara ONLINE to better represent its portrait of the man and woman of today. Kaydara ONLINE gives sense to Lock's artistic vision. With Lock's new ballet "Amelia," the Montréal choreographer continues his exploration of human gesture through a powerful interplay of speed and extremes. Reinforcement and modification of the primary form of the body, perceptual disorientation, exploration of the cinematic images as well as partial isolation of moment through lighting, are the key elements of this work.[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Amelia begins with a 3D ballerina rendered live in Kaydara ONLINE and projected onto a 14-foot screen suspended above the stage. The audience's attention is drawn to the ballerina suspended against a black background; 3D camera work and lighting done on the scene alternate light and shadow across her face as she begins to dance. The actual ballerina (on whom the model was based) then moves on stage, and the live part of the show begins. At several points throughout the production, the screen re-appears, with one of five different ballerina models dancing and floating in the background.

InSpeck, a scanning technology company located in Montréal, created the ballerina models by digitizing their bodies with one of its 3D full body systems. The heads and hands of all five ballerinas were captured with InSpeck's high-resolution head and hand systems. InSpeck then used EM, its 3D editing and modeling software, to put the pieces together to create five high-resolution 3D ballerina models. Approximately ten minutes of animation for the piece was captured directly from the actual ballerinas using a Vicon motion capture system and Immersion Systems gloves. This data was assembled into Kaydara ONLINE, which includes a suite of interactive animation and rendering tools that enabled the show technical directors to control both animation and playback in real-time. Realities, 3D animators from Montréal, also collaborated on the creative process for the virtual ballerinas.

About La La La Human Steps
Since Human Sex in 1985, which launched La La La Human Steps in the forefront of international dance, the Montréal company directed by the choreographer Édouard Lock has been performing its works - New Demons (1987), Infante, c'est Destroy (1991), 2 (1995) and Salt (1998) - in world tours of two to three years each.

Created at the State Opera in Prague on October 20, 2002, La La La's new ballet Amelia was since performed in many European capitals such as Rome, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, and in Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City. By December 2004, the company will have visited more than 50 cities in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. Sold-out theatres and tremendous reviews have already acclaimed the production: "... without any doubt, Prague saw an event of world importance." (MF Dnes, Prague), "... Lock more than ever shows the public his vision of the human yearning for companionship and love." (Het Parool, Amsterdam) "Magical Amelia" (La Presse, Montréal), "Dazzling and frenetic" (Le Figaro, Paris), "Canadian Édouard Lock is the artist of this end of the year." (Le Monde, Paris).

Amelia is a co-production of the LG Arts Center (Seoul), the Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), the National Arts Center (Ottawa), the Het Musiektheater (Amsterdam), deSingel (Antwerp), the Association Léonard de Vinci-Opéra de Rouen and the Montréal Highlights Festival, with the special support of ImPulsTanz (Vienna).

La La La Human Steps is supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Montréal Arts Council, the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Fonds de stabilisation et de consolidation des arts et de la culture du Québec, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and the Cultural Human Resources Council of Canada. This offer is projects.

About Kaydara Inc.
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About InSpeck
Montreal-based InSpeck has been a leading provider of optical 3D digitizers and 3D modeling software since 1994. Applications for their products include animation, film special effects, medical imaging, research and electronic games. InSpeck products are considered a staple for use in applications requiring the digitizing of humans. The company's digitizers are used the world over by major production and post-production facilities and have been used in the production of a number of films such as Spy Kids 3 (Dimension Films), The Cat in the Hat (Universal) and Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney). Clients include Sony Computer Entertainment America, Electronic Arts, NIOSH, and Gentle Giant Studios. InSpeck's technology is also present in many of the latest Major League Baseball video games. InSpeck has earned a reputation for its products' ease-of-use, capture speed, capacity to measure texture, and affordability. To find out more about InSpeck, visit .

Source: Kaydara, Inc.

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